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We delve into the world of automated welding fixtures and positioners, helping you uncover the nuances of their utilization and maintenance while providing solutions to common problems. Take a step towards a more efficient, reliable, and high-performing robotic welding process today.

This eBook covers the following key topics:

  • Understanding Automated Welding Fixtures & Positioners
  • The Role of Robotic Welding Fixtures & Positioners
    – The challenge for new welding robot owners
    – Robotic welding fixture benefits
  • Requirements and Guidelines for Fixtures & Positioners
    – Properly securing products for welding
    – Wear surfaces and life expectancy of fixtures
    – Fabrication with the robot in mind
    – Grounding the fixture
    – Center of gravity and dynamic moment loads
    – Safety
  • Deciding on a Fixture Design Provider
    – Factors to consider when outsourcing fixtures
  • Robotic Welding Fixtures Costs & Considerations
Kinetic Technologies eBook

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