Robotic Welding

Whether you’re looking to adapt to small-batch production needs or streamline large-volume operations, Kinetic Technologies has the resources and knowledge to make your transition to automation a success.

Flexibility Modular Positioners

Custom Solutions for Unique Needs

Positioners can increase your operation’s throughput by minimizing manual tasks like part setups and repositioning throughout the welding cycle. Our modular robotic welding positioners are designed to eliminate variability and ensure repeatable, high-quality welding operations every time.
Headstock Tailstock Welding Positioner

Headstock-Tailstock Welding Positioner

Our Headstock-Tailstock Positioners were designed with the needs of robotic welders in mind. These positioners greatly improve the welding process for large and complex parts and increase arc-on time. This innovative solution streamlines the welding process, making your operations efficient and effective.

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Rotary Welding Positioner

Rotary Welding Positioner

Improve your automated welding with Kinetic Technologies’ Rotary Welding Positioners for handling big and intricate components with ease and speed. These modular turntables eliminate the cumbersome manual orientation of parts. Imagine a workflow where your robot welds continuously, unimpeded by the downtime of positioning. Our turntables are designed to keep your operations flowing smoothly, maximizing welding time with precision and ease.

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Kinetic Technologies

Why Choose Us for Your Robotic
Welding Projects

Automation success is about partnering with a team that brings expertise, tailored solutions, and dedicated support to the table.

Kinetic Technologies embodies this partnership, ensuring that your welding operations are not only equipped with the latest in automation technology but are also supported by industry-leading expertise and service.

We improve your automation solutions through a blend of top-tier components, custom design, and comprehensive support:

High Quality Robotic Components
High-quality robotic components
Our approach starts with the selection of the best robotic components available. This commitment to quality ensures that your automation foundation is both reliable and capable of high-performance operations.
Tailored Design Engineering
Tailored design and engineering
Understanding that each welding operation is unique, we offer specialized design and engineering services. Our team works closely with you to develop solutions that are precisely tailored to your application’s needs, ensuring an optimal fit with your operational goals.
Customized Positioning Products
Customized positioning products
The positioning systems we provide are not one-size-fits-all. Instead, they are customized to improve your operation’s efficiency and productivity. By aligning our positioning products with your specific requirements, we ensure a seamless integration into your workflow.
Onsite Support Training
Onsite support and
Our commitment to your success extends beyond the installation. We provide onsite support and training, empowering your team to maximize the benefits of your new system. This hands-on approach helps you achieve high levels of productivity and efficiency from day one.

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