Software Engineer

Full Stack Developer – Robotics Integration and product development

Kinetic Technologies has three focus areas: Design. Build. Automate. Kinetic Technologies works with companies to Design product from the ground up, Build parts and full assemblies through our custom prototype shop and Automate manufacturing processes as systems integrators of cobots and developers of revolutionary industrial robotic products.
As a member of our engineering team, you will work with companies across many different industries ranging in size from startups to large companies, helping them to integrate the latest in robotic technologies into their manufacturing processes. Internally you will work on advanced R&D projects to develop Kinetic Technologies’ products that ease integration and drive robotic adoption.
Our engineers work with clients to draft their designs, conduct design analysis, and make the design a reality. In this role you will analyze existing manufacturing processes and identify automation opportunities (including robotic integration, automated fixturing and clamping, automation cells, etc). Working with the customer, you will develop custom robotics cells including in-feed conveyance, robotic application, and out-feed product handling from concept model to a working solution. This is a unique opportunity for entrepreneurial superstars to design, make and ship solutions using the latest technologies. You will work with a cross-functional team of engineers to develop electronics and hardware to drive Kinetic Technologies’ product development. These products include robotic work holding solutions, robotic end effector design (the robotic hands and tools), safety solutions and robotic vision systems.

  • Minimum of 3 years working in industry, preferably in product design settings
  • Full stack developer with experience using Java, C#, Python, RUST, SQL and AWS cloud implementation
  • Experience developing revision-controlled software used in a production environment – in other words, your code is deployed using production build systems and you have experience maintaining code in production.
  • Experience with automated testing frameworks and build machines (Jenkins, Hudson, etc) and can implement them from scratch
  • Experience with Test Driven Development (TDD), Scrum/Agile, and/or eXtreme Programming (XP) practices.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills that creates strong client relationships
  • Ability to manage projects involving customers, clients, subcontractors, and internal manufacturing resources
  • Self-starter that can work independently/remotely effectively