Mark Barglof of Kinetic Technologies

May 25, 2023

Mark Barglof is the President and owner of Kinetic Technologies, LLC: a design and fabrication shop just north of Algona, IA. After serving in the military and earning the U.S. Army Ranger Tab, Mark shifted career paths and dove into the world of manufacturing (he grew up the son of a job shop owner, so it wasn’t his first rodeo). In this episode, Mark talks to Jay about what drove him to co-found SmartAg: the company that created the first commercially available aftermarket kit to turn a tractor into a fully autonomous vehicle. Mark also shares how Kinetic has evolved over the years, which technologies and people have been integral in their success, and how integrating robots and cobots can not only help drive quality and efficiency, but creative freedom and employee retention. If you’re looking to learn more about entrepreneurship, Industry 4.0, and new ways to improve your shop, this episode is a must-listen.