Welcome to Kinetic Technologies!

Jul 17, 2022


We are excited to launch our new website and we hope you enjoy exploring all the amazing things we have going on here. Kinetic Technologies is a young company that is growing fast. Since opening our doors in December 2021, Kinetic Technologies has continued to evolve and change as we discover our place in the world. The idea for the company came out of my struggles as a leader in product development organizations bringing advanced products to the marketplace. It was difficult to find a manufacturing partner who understood the nuances of product development and was tooled to rapidly bring innovation to the market. I thought, what if we created a company staffed with innovative engineers and experienced builders? What if they had access to the most advanced software-driven manufacturing machines available? What if they adopted Agile software development practices and made them come to life in custom manufacturing? In that pursuit, we began creating an amazing team and tooling ourselves with advanced machine capabilities.

Guided by our team’s experiences and skillsets, we have developed into an engineering design and prototyping company not only focused on custom manufacturing, but industrial robotics and automation. Our experience in software development and mechanical design, combined with our manufacturing capabilities has uniquely positioned us to be the provider of choice for custom automation projects. We can design and build fixtures unique to your product, integrate the robot, and automate the processes that have been challenging your company.

We take ideas, convert them into designs, and build them quickly. It is as simple as that. Along the way, we genuinely enjoy creating lasting relationships with you, our customers. We look forward to serving you and exceeding your expectations.

Mark Barglof
Kinetic Technologies, L.L.C